Q. What charges are there for shipping to any country?

A. All shipping costs are incorporated into the cost of the product. No separate shipping charges will be added to the purchase price.

Q. How long will my product take to deliver?

A. Anywhere between 2 and 10 days depending on the destination. Please click here for New Zealand posts delivery times. New Zealand Post.

Q. What if my package is not there in the specified time?

A. We do try to meet the delivery times but occasionally the target time is missed. There is no need for panic sometimes there can be a short holdup somewhere. Please contact us if your parcel is late.

Q. If my parcel is late what should i do?

A. Firstly contact your local postshop as they may have tried to deliver but no-one was home and taken it back to your local dispatch point.

Secondly contact us for dispatch details and we maybe able to find it from here.