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Green Barley - Food for living
Health experts worldwide are now advising people to eat more 'raw', organic foods.  Science has discovered that important   enzymes required by our bodies to function properly are found in raw fruit and vegetables. Nowadays we just don't have the time to prepare and eat large quantities of raw vegetables that our bodies need every day! Fortunately these valuable enzymes are available in a concentrated form - green barley powder.


do yourself a favour - throw away those artificial vitamin and mineral tablet supplements you've been taking.  Most of these nutritional supplements pass straight through the digestive system and are not absorbed for use in the body.  The reason for this?  Enzymes.  Enzymes are responsible for almost everything that goes on in our bodies, including the absorption of nutrients. You need raw, organic foods that contain these enzymes to absorb these nutrients during digestion.

SOD (superoxide dismutase) is a very important enzyme.  The main function of this powerful antioxidant is to remove toxic substances from our cells.  Research has shown that SOD can even restore function and repair DNA in older and less active cells.  These properties can lead to a reduced risk of cancer and other serious diseases.  Clinical tests also show that inflammation is suppressed by SOD and osteoarthritis has been treated successfully. Green barley powder is the best natural source of superoxide dismutase.

When Dr Yoshihide Hagiwara at age 38 became very ill. He started using modern drugs and huge amounts of synthetic vitamins and minerals with no success.  He eventually regained his health with a diet of raw, natural, unprocessed and organically grown foods.

Dr Hagiwara spent years researching green foods and finally found green barley to be superior to all others. He  commented: "My research has shown that the green leaves of the embryonic barley plant contain the most prolific balanced supply of nutrients that exist on earth in a single source.

Very few plants contain the full range of amino acids             
(proteins) required for growth, repair and maintenance of tissue. Young green barley leaves are 40 per cent protein and contain all of these amino acids.  These plant proteins are 90  per cent usable and easily digested and assimilated.

Beta carotene is the non-toxic form of vitamin A.  It is largely found in orange and yellow coloured vegetables, and more in leafy greens.  The carotene in leafy greens is converted to vitamin A about twice as efficiently as the carotene in carrots and other root vegetables.   Beta carotene has never been known to be toxic in any amount, even though consuming excessive amounts can give an orange pigmentation to the skin.

The brilliant green color in green barley is chlorophyll (the substance which allows plants to photosynthesize), is said to be an anti-inflammatory agent and total body deodorant.  Chlorophyll also can break down carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which helps with the destruction of anaerobic bacteria.

As you can see, green barley is an extremely powerful nutritional supplement and will have very real and visible effects on the body and the way you live. When you begin your journey to better health you may experience mild nausea, headaches, skin irritations or flu-like symptoms.  Don't be discouraged - this is all part of the detoxification process. Green barley has a big job ahead of it eliminating inferior tissues, toxins to make way for superior quality nutrients it will use to make new, healthier tissue.  This elimination process can cause some discomfort but after three or four days you'll be feeling better than you ever have before.

Continue to use green barley every day and your body will thank you by operating at a level you could only dream of previously.

Benefits from using green barley include :

Increased metabolism - more energy & burn fat quicker!
Stronger immune system - less prone to sickness & disease
Healthier blood cells
Improved circulation
Healthier organs

Faster healing
Removal of chemicals & heavy metals 
Healthier skin
Healthier, faster growing hair & nails

I recommend starting with half a teaspoon of green barley every day and gradually increasing to two or more teaspoons over a two week period.  This will minimize any discomfort you may experience as your body detoxifies.  Some people whose health could benefit from increased nutrition such as someone recovering from illness may take up to six or even eight teaspoons of green barley throughout the day.  Green barley powder may be mixed with your favorite juice, sprinkled on cereal, mixed with water or eaten straight off a spoon.

For best results, use an organic, whole leaf product rather than a juice extract.