Green Barley

Of all living things, plants have the best ability to absorb the sun's power, preserving it in a form that fuels all animal life, including our own. Nowhere is this power better realized than in the young Barley leaves, the source of our Green Barley Powder. Our Green barley may be the answer to our nutritional deficiencies with its powerful concentration of protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes  and chlorophyll. We cannot afford to let our health and well-being go because we no longer have time to eat half a plate of vegetables every night. Our Green Barley takes less than a minute, morning, lunchtime and night to prepare and drink and is going to be better for you.

Don't be lead into believing the more you pay for Green Barley the better it is for you. My testimonials will tell you different. I am making this great product (Green Barley) available at an affordable price.